Roles and tasks



Access control is the main task to keep the competition venue safe and secure. Controlling competition venue’s access points and spectator areas – with certain access pass you can go only in certain areas. The security guards will take care of the outdoor areas so all access control tasks will be inside the hall. Finnish is needed in access control.


ACCREDITATION / registration

Participants first contact to the competition organization. All participants have to make registration to the competition before they can enter the competition venue – check of the registration forms correctness and give the needed participant passes. Also volunteers have to make a registration when arriving to work.



There are several different tasks in the Arena. For example to guide the participants, coaches and team’s music players to the right places at the right time, take care of the competition surfaces and organize all participants to the Opening and Award Ceremonies.



Attasea is a contact person between a certain European country and all different parties what can occur during the competition weekend.  Attasea has to speak some participating country’s language very well and also Finnish to be able to help teams in possible problems and give information in their own language. Attasea can use organizer’s telephone during the working time and must be reachable at least by phone on times agreed; competition days attasea must be present and could be needed also when the team arrives or departures before and after the competition days. All the times will be agreed personally with each attasea.



Building of the competition venue will be done on Friday the 29th of June. There are several things to do like place the cheer mat and dance strips in the arena and practice hall, set the sales point and competition office tables and all little other things to get the venue ready for the event. Dismantling will start after the competition on Sunday the 1st of July. Then we will take of the cheer mat and dance strips for the transportation and remove our extra props from the hall.



Competition office is the heart of the competition where is all the information needed about anything and if you don’t know, you will find out. All pre-ordered t-shirts and lunches will be picked up from the competition office. Very hectic and busy info point.



Competitors last point before the performance on the arena. Checking that competitors don’t have any forbidden jewelry or other items. Assisting the arena in certain tasks.



As the name already tells it is the judge assistant helping the judge panels as well in point calculation as taking time of the performances. Judges may also have several other little things they need help so flexibility is a good feature to have. Your work place is in the arena so there is not a possibility to see any performances from the spectator’s area.



There is a possibility to see the competition live in internet – the cameraman needs an assistant to make the stream online on time.



The place where all teams spend a lot of free time and do their practice on own surface before the competition performance. There is a cheer mat and dance floor in use which need to be controlled and teams to be informed to leave for jewelry check and competition on time. All surfaces will be taken care as well as the overall comfort.



Finnish Cheerleading Federation has it’s own sales desk and cloakroom service at the venue. There are several different products for sale (for example the official competition t-shirt) and people can bring their property into our custody for the competition time. Finnish is needed in the sales and cloakroom.



VIP-/Media has their own spectator and sitting area where you welcome the incoming guests and help them in their requests. You also need to escort media sometimes to make stories or take pictures in the backstage. Finnish is needed in VIP / Media.

Updating social media channels.